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How To Install Any Analog Security Camera CCTV DIY. I believe we’ve showcased you how easy it is to set this whole thing up, especially, if you have a guide in front of you. It depends on a situation which tool to use either that is a screwdriver or a perforator if your got a thicker walls, but we go the most easy way because not everyone has a drill. There’s a lot of manufacturers and a lot of cameras variations, but the main principle is the same and it works with every device. I’m pretty sure the box components will differ depending on a manufacturer, but the main technology remains: we mount the camera’s bracket, the cam itself, then taking a wires and pushing it into the junction box where it is protected against moisture, and then additionally isolating the elements to make it more reliable and time-protected. And actually yeah, the connectors may vary a lot by the size, type, can be compressed or not, amplified or not, but mostly it all depends on your system.

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