10 New Cute Baby Bloxburg Building Hacks + Tips & Designs!! I made use of the new update 0.9.0 items!


☆ Description ☆

I made new Bloxburg baby hacks using new items from update 0.9.0. They are cute and aesthetic. They perfectly fit your baby rooms or nursery builds. Some are tricky to make, but I’m sure you’ll be able to do them! They are really fun to make, hope you guys like it. Also, don’t forget to share me your recreation by tagging me on my social medias ♥

Here’s a list of the custom furniture I made :

* New Baby Series*

1. Train Toy Box
2. Music Box
3. Baby Bottle Holder
4. Baby Bottle Warmer
5. Baby Bottle Brush Cleaner
6. Baby Swing
7. Twin Crib
8. Floating Cloud Crib
9. Lullaby Hanging Mobile (Without Wall)
10. Wallpaper & Cloud Tutorial

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☆ Credits & Special Thanks ☆

ilvystar – Pacifier Hack Idea
Roblox : https://www.roblox.com/users/142306479/profile
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVYzv4PARlRnDPt9WG3XuzA

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* Twitter : https://twitter.com/yumekookiepie
* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yumekookiepie
* Roblox: https://www.roblox.com/users/467419672/profile
* Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4840361/Yumekookies


☆ Chapters ☆

0:00 Intro & Showcase
0:36 Functional Preview
1:03 Information
1:15 Train Toy Box
8:23 Music Box (Ver. 1)
11:48 Music Box (Ver. 2)
15:01 Baby Bottle Holder
16:44 Baby Bottle Warmer
19:50 Baby Bottle Brush Cleaner
23:17 Baby Swing
26:42 Twin Crib
33:20 Floating Cloud Crib
37:25 Lullaby Hanging Mobile (Without Wall)
39:48 Wallpaper & Cloud Wall Tutorial
41:07 Last Showcase


☆ Most Frequently Asked Questions ☆

Q. Where can I find your decal codes?
A. I have opened my Roblox inventory so everyone can see and use them. Please make sure that you’re following my main account “Yumekookie” and alternative account “Yumekochu” for you to be able to view the decals. Don’t forget to give credits ♥

Decal Video Tutorial : https://youtu.be/t7fGLPpC6l4

Q. Some of your decals are not listed, why?
A. Some of the decals that are not listed on my inventory because I’m using Roblox Decal Library Keywords : Tokyo, Ads, Anime, Food, Pastel, Aesthetic, Poster, Cute, Wallpaper

Q. What video recorder and editor are you using to edit your videos?
A. I use Nvidia Shadowplay on recording videos and I use Adobe Premiere and Filmora for editing.

Q. How do you earn money in Bloxburg so fast?
A. I do pizza delivery in-game when I have free time and my job level is 47.


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Outro Template : editingbymathieu
Credit: editing by matthieu
His channel: http://bit.ly/editingbymatthieu


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🎈Song : 샛별 – A Trip to the Sky / https://youtu.be/a9vRItV9TZc

Disclaimer: I do not own any music used in the video, credits to the artists and music recording studios.


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